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Wasfa is a young startup loaded with foodies on a mission to enrich the way you interact with the world of food. Join us as we discover, inspire, get inspired, and serve everything you like on a silver platter! well, metaphorically at least.

Wasfa Explore, share, and enjoy!
Wasfa Explore, share, and enjoy!

Why is Wasfa eggs-tra special?

Get Inspired

Discover delicious new recipes and stunning food stories every day!

Sharpen Your Skills

Tons of meal plans, in-depth guides, tips & tricks, and fun-filled recipes.

Step By Step Guides

Thousands of video guides to help you achieve the best of your cooking efforts!

Discover & Save

Find a recipe you love? Browse through multiple cuisines and save in real time.

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Share recipes

Connect with foodies who have the same taste as yours and share your amazing recipes & experiences with a global community


Shopping list on-the-go

Like a recipe? Wasfa's intuitive feature lets you add ingredients from the recipe to your virtual trolley.


Scan & get recipes

Scan ingredients you've got and Wasfa will round up a bunch of delicious recipes you can make with the ingredients.

We'd love to help you out!

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