Our Story

We take digital products from zero to one

We're a custom software engineering company, headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Our idea was to pursue what we're most passionate about- technology! Which turned into our vision to cater unparalleled quality, effective communication, and transparent pricing.

Our Journey so far


Like the name suggests, Nova Labs started off as an small idea that rose to something bigger and stronger. Our aim was to build unique digital products that are every bit as fantastic as our clients had assument them to be.


We currently cater to digital solutions that include websites, and mobile applications. We've worked on projects that are universal and enhances user experience at every step. Our aim now is to upskill and serve our clients to the best of our capabilities.


Well, we would like to focus on the present first but we aim for the stars. Our mission for the future is to help startups create unique digital solutions that can help them grow and develop their company even more.

We'd love to help you out!

Nova Labs is a client-oriented company with a ""service"" attitude. We are at your service. We can lead or follow. Our main goal is to maintain the highest quality standards and the best practices in today's IT market."

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